Baking mixes Pechem Doma

Happiness is easy!

The gentle, soothing, appetizing aroma of fresh pastries is what makes our house a Home, that special space where you want to come back and invite friends. And the most important ingredient is your time - time is always lacking. PECHEM DOMA solves this problem while giving you a pleasure to express yourself. We create the basis, and you create your own gastronomic masterpiece!

Simply about us!

PECHEM DOMA is a modern grocery brand of flour mixes and confectionery additives for home baking. The brand has been helping its consumers to make their loved ones happy with delicious desserts without hassle for decades. Well-adjusted ingredients, safe composition make an excellent basis for culinary creativity – even a beginner can cook a delicious homemade dishes.


Quality Guaranteed


PECHEM DOMA has been the undisputed baking mixes market leader in for many years. The highest quality of products has been proved by multiple awards of the independent annual competition called "Quality Assurance", organized with support of the Parliament of the Russian Federation.

All components of PECHEM DOMA products pass strict control according to the requirements of the Quality Management System (ISO 9001-2008) that our production facilities are certified with.

There are no artificial dyes and preservatives in PECHEM DOMA baking mixes, but fragrant spices, natural nuts and berries. We carefully preserve all microelements in our ingredients due to a special drying process.